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Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) 5410-Sky

Custom-made CPC-Cores for aerospace applications, adapted for counting of nanoparticles at low pressure. Instruments that comply with aviation safety regulations are also available.


The Condensation Particle Counter 5410 –Sky is the result of GRIMMs long-lasting experience with aerospace applications. GRIMM instruments were already adapted for operation in pilotless aircrafts, light planes, and regular passenger planes. Such devices, based on well-proven standard instruments, require a number of sophisticated adaptions such as a pressure-independent flow control, management of working fluids at low pressure, careful selection of materials to fulfill the high safety standards of aviation, and weight-optimized design.

Customers benefits

• Advanced stationary CPC, optimized for aerospace applications
• Detects particles > 4 nm
• Measures concentrations up to 100000 P/ccm in single count mode and up to 10^7 P/ccm in photometric mode
• Unique saturator key for easy transport without drying
• Self-tests to assure highest reliability of measured data


• 5441: Carrying case for CPC 5410 - 5414
• 5475: Labview Software pre-installed on 10" NETBOOK

Contact us for further information!



The GRIMM universal software 5477 operates CPCs as counters only, and SMPS systems for measuring size distributions. It can be used for SMPS+C (CPC as detector) or for SMPS+E (Faraday Cup Electrometer, FCE, as detector).

• Measurement of size distributions in stepping mode and in fast scanning mode
• Calculation of size distributions in real time following the standard ISO 15900
• Values of external sensors and service data are integrated.
• Compatible to all 32-/64-bit Windows operating systems (XP or newer)
• Preconfigured on a netbook
• Data loggers and the online transfer of data to internet servers are supported
• Calculation of number, surface, and mass size distributions, optionally with or without various corrections, and several statistical parameters

Start spectrometer and data storage
PM values over time