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Grimm Aerosol Wiki


Grimm Aerosol Technik Ainring GmbH & CO.KG was founded over 30 years ago from the pioneer of the commercial used optical particle measurement principle, Dr. Hans Grimm. Over 4 000 Systems of Grimm are running all over the world and are the base of a large experience in Aerosols. These systems are developped, produced and sold by Grimm, within a worldwide skilled and experienced dealer-network. Our Core-Competence is basically to meassure airborne particles in a size range between 4 nm and 250 nm with our Nano devices and 250 nm up to 32 µm with our well known spectrometers.

Grimm-Wiki is a live collaboration differing from paper-based reference sources in important ways. Unlike printed encyclopedias, Grimm-Wiki is continually created and updated, with articles on historic events appearing within minutes, rather than months or years. Older articles tend to be more comprehensive and balanced; newer articles may contain misinformation and/or unencyclopedic content. Any article may contain undetected vandalism. Awareness of this helps the reader to obtain valid information and avoid recently added misinformation.


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