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Top Of The Line Aerosol Spectrometer 11-R

Handheld research aerosol spectrometer, Model 11-R
The ultimate Mini Laser Aerosol Spectrometer (Mini-LAS)

Mini-LAS, Model 11-R in count mode
Mini-LAS, Model 11-R
Mini-LAS, Model 11-R
Mini-LAS, Model 11-R
Mini-LAS, Model 11-R

The Mini Laser Aerosol Spectrometer (Mini-LAS) 11-R is the result of continuous development of GRIMM’s world-wide known and appreciated spectrometers. The combination of advanced data communication, innovative design and reliable optical measurement technology makes the 11-R the world champion of all portable fine dust measuring devices.

Because of the high-tech laser optics and the construction of the spectrometer, the 11-R captures every single particle ranging from 0.25 to 32 µm and classifies them into 31 size channels.

Customer’s benefits

• Small, portable, tough, battery powered and remote controllable via Bluetooth
• Modern data communication interface (SD card, USB, Bluetooth and Ethernet)
• Integrated, removable 47 mm PTFE filter for subsequent gravimetrical and chemical analysis (dual technology)
• Self-test at each start-up
• Flow and return of the permanent rinsing air for keeping the optical measurement cell clean
• Via software: PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 values in real-time
• Output of measuring data as particle count and output of dust mass fractions in 31 channels
• (via software: output of the results for occupational health purposes according to the European standard EN 481)

For the user, the 11-R offers the complete possibilities when saving or retrieving the measurement data. The measurement data can be conveniently accessed and checked online at the workplace via laptop or tablet.


• 1111 Radial symmetric sampling head
• 1112C Mains adapter/ Battery charger for 220/110 V
• 1113A PTFE filter (25 pcs.)
• 1119 Straight sampling tube, 3 cm long
• 1141A Special GRIMM communication cable RS-232 to USB
• 1143E Special GRIMM communication cable RS-232 to RS-232
• 1144B PVC carrying case with rigid foamed plastic insert
• 1148 Mini filter for 0-Test
• 7951 Variable diluter "VKL-mini" as cascadable version for external air supply. Dilution ratios: 1:10, 1:31.6, 1:100, 1:316, and 1:1000
• 1153FH 1158-EE sensor for temperature and rel. humidity, temperature range -40 to +60°C, cable length 1.5 m
• 1154 1154 Sensor for temperature, rel. humidity and velocity, temperature range 0 to +80°C, cable length 3.0 m

Universal Power supply for the spectrometer
RS 232 cable with
USB adapter
Special RS 232 cable, (for our spectrometer only)
Hard sided carrying case
Adapter for air velocity, temperature and humidity
Hard sided carrying case
BWeather protection housing for the EDM 107
Weather protection housing for the EDM 107

Hydrophobia sample collection filter
Memory card, available as 1 MB or 4 MB version
ZERO count filter adapter, brings only clean air to the instrument

LabView® Software 1.178

With the new software 1.178 GRIMM programmed an excellent, user-friendly application software based on LabView®, which is compatible to all 32-/64-bit Windows operating systems from XP and up. PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 values are displayed numerically or graphically. Additionally, values of external climatic sensors and service data can be displayed.

The display and output of measuring data takes place in real-time (every 6 seconds) and is therefore suitable not only for data recording and data evaluation, but also for data presentation.

Start spectrometer and data storage
PM values over time
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table