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== Model EDM365 ==
== Model EDM365 ==

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Model EDM365

The mobile aerosol spectrometer and fine dust monitor EDM 365 The product group EDM 365 takes on the challenges of the 21st century

365er 4.JPG
164 with bigger 365 for SVC
365 in forest
365 on road site
365 with SVC
365 inside with pah sensor
365 in Salzburg
365 in China

The mobile environmental dust monitor EDM 365 was developed and constructed by Grimm for the mobile industrial use. The demands of the 21st century – flexibility, mobility and cost efficiency – are completely fulfilled with this fine dust monitor. This high-tech stand-alone system EDM 365 satisfies customers world-wide with its high precision and the low maintenance and operating costs. The EDM 365 detects airborne particles from 0.25 to 32 µm (single particle count) in real-time and without the loss of the semi-volatile compounds (Nafion drying). Every single aerosol particle is detected in the optical measurement cell and then allocated to a defined particle size based on the intensity of the scattering light signal. This precise and reliable single particle count allows for a simultaneous measurement of the dust mass fractions PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and also the particle size distribution in 31 size channels. In order to guarantee the precision of the measurements, and to protect the measuring cell from contamination, a share of the constant 1.2 l/min sample air flow is filtered and brought back into the device as rinsing air. The outdoor weather protection housing is thermo-isolated and has incorporated automatic heating and proportional ventilation. In addition it has space for optional sensors (e.g. PAH sensor, Nano particle sizer, data logger, etc.). The EDM 365’s readiness for use is verified by a self-test at every start-up. With the data logger 1142.M5, access to the environmental dust monitor is granted at any time via internet, so measurement data can be visualized or retrieved in real-time. Unique features of Grimm’s EDM 365 are reliability, flexibility and the high cost efficiency of the device. No other comparable stand-alone device allows you to simultaneously measure the dust mass fractions PM10, PM2.5, PM1, and particle size distribution in 31 channels. For output of the environmental measurement data of the EDM 365, the high-performance evaluation software 1178 was developed by Grimm and tops off the package.

The 8 most important performance features of the model EDM 365:
• Complies with the standards EN12341, EN14907, US-EPA and GOST-R
• Output of measurement data as dust mass fractions PM10, PM2.5, PM1, TC (Total Counts), and particle counts in 31 channels
• No loss of semi-volatile compounds due to Nafion drying
• Output of measurement data in real-time (6 seconds)
• Self-test for verifying readiness for use at each start-up
• Permanent rinsing air for keeping the optical measuring cell clean
• Mobile stand-alone system
• Low maintenance and operating costs

Modular expandability of the measurement modes:
EDM 365-C: PM10 and PM2.5
EDM 365-D: PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and TC
EDM 365-MC: PM10, PM2.5, PM1, TC, and simultaneously 31 size channels from 0.25 to 32µm


• 177B 32-bit software
• 365-SVC SVC upgrade kit, including dual sampling pipe with integrated Nafion drying andheater up to 300°C
• 1321 NanoSizer (please see NanoSizer)
• 365G various gas sensors (on request)
• 119 small spare parts set for the 179 only
• 318 spare parts set for the second year
• 157L sensor for humidity, temperature, and pressure
• 158L sensor for humidity, temperature, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed
• 159L sensor for humidity, temperature, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed and precipitation
• 180-DF additional head for the sampling pipe 182 (for extreme cold areas)
• 160V2 analog output adapter for PM10, PM2.5 and PM1; output 0-10V or 4-20 mA; range 0-6,000 µg/m3
• 1142.M5 data logger, data transfer to any PC world-wide, remote control
• 1142.A2 data stroage card 1 MB
• 1142.A4 data storage card 4 MB
• 186 field test kit for Grimm Environmental Dust Monitor

Additional expandability of measurement modes EDM 365-C: PM10 and PM2.5
EDM 365-D: PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and TC
EDM 365-E: 31 size channels from 0.25-31µm and switchable to PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and TC


The 365-SVC comes with a non-heated sampling pipe with Nafion drying and a heated sampling pipe (up to 300°C). Due to the alternating sampling between the heated sampling pipe and the sampling pipe with Nafion drying, the proportion of the SVC-fraction to the total dust mass can be determined.

1142.M5 data logger

With the data logger you can retrieve and display your measuring data in real-time via the World Wide Web (GPRS-radio link and Ethernet). The data of the EDM 365 and the connected sensors are simultaneously collected and combined into one data string. Furthermore, the data logger can be used for the remote control of the Grimm dust monitors. The storage capacity of the data logger is 2 GB and can be extended to a maximum of 4 GB.

Sensor for humidity, temperature, and pressure
Sensor for humidity, temperature, pressure, wind direction, wind speed
Sensor for humidity, temperature, pressure, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation
Analog output adapter for PM10, PM2.5, and PM1; output 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA; range 0 to 1,000 µg/m3
Defrosting head kit (for extremely cold areas) for the sample pipe
Spare part set for 2nd year for EDM 365
Small spare part set for the 179 only
1141: RS-232 to USB cable
1141DL: USB to Ethernet cable
Memory card, available as 1 MB or 4 MB version
Data Logger, data transfer via GSM, remote connection ports

177B Software

The efficient analyzing software 177B was developed in-house in order to obtain a numerical and graphical readout of all Grimm Enviro devices. You would like to automatically start and stop a measurement in online-mode? No problem, with this software you are able to adjust a variety of device-specific and measurement-specific settings in online-mode. The data output (numerical and graphical) happens in real-time and is therefore perfect for live presentations of measurement data!

1178 LabView Software (only possible with the EDM365-E in count mode)

With our new software 1178 we programmed an excellent application software based on LabView, which is compatible to all 32-/64-bit Windows operating systems from XP and up. Data is displayed numerically or graphically as follows:

• Presentation of dust mass as PM10, PM2.5, PM1 (not mass specific)
• Particle count concentration in all channels as particles/liter (only in version EDM365-E within count mode)
• Particle mass distribution in µg/m³ over all 31 size channels

In addition to that, values of external climate sensors and service data of Grimm devices can be displayed. The presentation and output of the measurement data happens in real-time (6 second intervals) and is therefore suitable not only for data recording and data evaluation, but also for data presentation.