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Approved Dust Monitor EDM180

Stationary 19 rack mounted Environmental Dust Monitor, called EDM 180 This is the ultimate solution for any measurement container to measure simultaneously and in real time PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and the TC (Total counts) with one unit.
This unit is fully approved (http://grimm-aerosol.com/company/approvals-and-certificates/index.php)

This is the first and only optical Mass monitor with is since years in the USA by EPA and in Europe by EN fully approved and now worldwide in use. The EDM 180 can also supply the corresponding particle size distribution in the measurement range from 0.25 to over 30 µm (with is interesting for desert dust) in over 30 different size ranges.

Grimm has worldwide over 30 field calibration stations, but the EDM 180 fine dust monitoring system can also on site be validated via our field service software for proper sizing, proper flow and even proper service. Naturally can the data be exported via RS 232 or even via Ethernet. Thanks to their outstanding advantages, these devices are now used successfully all around the world.

Portable EDM 107 open filter holder
Portable EDM 107 with meteorological sensor 1153FH
Portable EDM 107 rear side with open filter chamber
107 in carrying case
107 in outdoor housing 163
107 in outdoor housing 163
107 in outdoor housing 163
107 in outdoor housing 163

The Environmental Dust Monitor model EDM 180 is a 19” rack solution and was developed and constructed by Grimm for the operation inside measurement containers. It is approved by US-EPA and many more. The intended use is the continuous automatic fine dust monitoring according to existing standards which is required by law. The technically well engineered all-in-one system EDM 180 satisfies customers world-wide with its high flexibility and precision of the measurements, and also the low maintenance and operating costs.

The EDM series 180 collects in real-time without loss of semi-volatile components (SVC):
• Simultaneously all PM values (PM10, PM2.5, and PM1)
• The total particle count (TC value)
• The humidity and temperature of outdoor air
• The condition of the measuring cell
• Possibly error messages
• Automatic service notification
and also
• The meteorological sensor
• The SVC fraction of the sample air (optional)
• Every single aerosol particle from 0.25 to 32 µm in 31 size channels (optional)

The EDM 180 reads out all measurement values at intervals of six seconds and outputs them in intervals from six seconds up to one hour. In order to guarantee the precision of the measurement and to protect the measurement cell from impurities, a share of the constant 1.2 l/min sample air flow is filtered and brought back into the measurement device as rinsing air. The readiness for use of the EDM 180 is verified by a self-test at each start-up.

Unique features

Grimm’s EDM 180 is certified according to European Regulations for PM10 and PM2.5. Furthermore, it has the US-EPA certification for PM2.5. The device does not need any consumables, possible errors and the next necessary maintenance are displayed automatically, and therefore reliability is greatly enhanced! No other device allows you to read out the particle size distribution in 31 size channels (optional). The readout of the environmental measurement data is effected in GESYTEC MODE, but Grimm’s high performance readout software 1178 can also be used.

The most important performance characteristics of the EDM 180:

• Officially approved according to the standards EN12341, EN14907, US-EPA and GOST-R
• Simultaneous readout of measurement data as dust mass fractions PM10, PM2.5, PM1, TC (Total Counts), and particle counts in 31 channels
• No loss of semi-volatile compounds due to Nafion dryer
• Readout of measurement results in real-time every 6 seconds
• Self-test for checking the readiness for use at each start-up
• Automatic cleaning of the optical measuring cell
• No radioactive source, insensitive to vibrations (can also be used in mobiles)
• Very low maintenance and no consumables

Additional extensibility of measurement modes:
EDM 180-C PM10 and PM2.5
EDM 180-D: PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and TC
EDM 180-MC: PM10, PM2.5, PM1, TC, and simultaneously 31 size channels from 0.25 - 32 µm


• 1778 32/64-bit software
• 183 1.5m extension for the sampling pipe
• Roof flange for the sampling pipe 182
• Various field test kits for Grimm Environmental Dust Monitor
• 188 spare parts set for the 2nd year
• 117 small spare parts set for the 187 only
• 158-EE sensor for temperature and relative humidity
• 157L sensor for humidity, temperature, and pressure
• 158L sensor for humidity, temperature, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed
• 159L sensor for humidity, temperature, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed and precipitation
• 180-DF additional head for the sampling pipe 182 (for extreme cold areas)
• 160V2 analog output adapter for PM10, PM2.5 and PM1; output 0-10V; range 0-6,000 µg/m3
• 1142.M5 data logger, data transfer to any PC world-wide, remote control
• 1142.A2 Data storage card 1 MB
• 1142.A4 Data storage card 4 MB

157L sensor for humidity, temperature and air pressure
158L sensor for humidity, temperature, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed
Analog output adapter
Big data logger with memory and wireless function
Isokinetic sampling pipe for 4 different air speed and return air adapter
Defrosting head kit
Spare part
USB adapter cabel
Adapter for temperature and humidity

LabView® Software 1.178

With the new software 1.178 GRIMM programmed an excellent, user-friendly application software based on LabView®, which is compatible to all 32-/64-bit Windows operating systems from XP and up. PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 values are displayed numerically or graphically. Additionally, values of external climatic sensors and service data can be displayed.

The display and output of measuring data takes place in real-time (every 6 seconds) and is therefore suitable not only for data recording and data evaluation, but also for data presentation.

Start spectrometer and data storage
PM values over time
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table