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Model EDM 107

Hand-held Environmental Dust Monitor, Model EDM 107

Portable EDM 107 with meteorological sensor 1153FH
Portable EDM 107 open filter holder
Portable EDM 107 rear side with open filter chamber
107 in carrying case
107 in outdoor housing 163

Portable Environmental Dust Monitor, Model EDM 107

A hand-held device based on the approved Grimm EDM 180 With the compact Environmental Dust Monitor EDM 107 of Grimm's environmental product group, the entire PM values are on hand in real-time. This reliable top of the line device was developed especially for mobile and instant on-site measurements of environmental dust. It is portable, tough and displays simultaneously all three PM values (PM10, PM2.5 and PM1) in real-time. The PM masses are gathered in a size range from 0.25 to 32 µm in 31 size classes.

Unique Features

• The model EDM 107 has been in use successfully for over ten years. It can not only be used as a portable unit, but also inside a weather housing developed especially for permanent outdoor use.
• The output of mass specific PM10, PM2.5, PM1 values as well as the particle count in 31 size channels (extension kit 107-8, optional) via an RS232 interface is possible at any time.
• The measured data are automatically and continuously saved on a removable storage card.
• The output of the measurement data of the EDM 107 is enforced by our high-performance evaluation software 1178 on LabView basis).

Is it possible "TO JUST TAKE A DEEP BREATH"?

You can only answer this question with a clear conscience when you monitor and analyze the fine dust exposure. With the Grimm Environmental Dust Monitor EDM 107 you can measure the fine dust exposure at industrial sites (outdoors), construction areas, tunnels, mining or in agglomeration areas at any time.

The most important features of the model EDM107

• The device measures according to the standards PM10 (EN12341) and PM2.5 (EN14907) and US-EPA
• Output of measurement data as PM dust mass fractions or particle count in 31 channels
• Integrated, removable 47 mm PTFE filter for gravimetrical analysis (dual technology)
• Clean rinsing air permanently protects the optical measuring cell from impurifications
• Output of measurement results on a removable data storage card
• Output of measurement values in real-time digitally via the RS232 interface
• Automatic self-test for checking the readiness for use at each start-up
• Can be operated up to 8 hours with battery power and/or 110 - 220 V
• Including connectors for climate sensors
• Total weight only 2.7 kg
• Can be operated in weather housing for continuous operation


• 1110 Rechargeable lead battery
• 1111 Radial symmetric sampling head
• 1112C Mains adapter/ Battery charger for 220/110 V
• 1113A PTFE filter (25 pcs.)
• 1119 Straight sampling tube, 3 cm long
• 1142.A4 Data storage card 4 MB
• 1141A Special GRIMM communication cable RS-232 to USB (with lager buffer)
• 1143E Special GRIMM communication cable RS-232 to RS-232
• 1144B PVC carrying case with rigid foamed plastic insert
• 1148 Mini filter for 0-Test
• 1158-EE Sensor for temperature and rel. humidity, temperature range -40 to +60°C, cable length 1.5 m
• 1154 Sensor for temperature, rel. humidity and velocity, temperature range 0 to +80°C, cable length 3.0 m
• 163 Glass fiber weather protection housing. Lockable with automatic winter-heater and proportional summer ventilation, available in 110- 220V AC & 122V DC, with special GRIMM communication cable RS-232 to USB, including 0.5 m sampling pipe with TSP head and integrated heater for 163
• 163P Modification kit for 163 weather protection housing, consisting of a large sampling pump and 2 adapters for continuous spectrometer operation

1158-EE und 1154 meteorological sensors

The meteorological sensors 1158-EE and 1154 (for temperature / relative humidity / wind speed) can be connected to any Grimm aerosol spectrometer of the series 11. The data of the sensors is also stored in real-time and is displayed numerically or graphically with the software 1178 (only in count mode with the measurement upgrade 107-8).

163 lockable weather protection housing with heated sampling tube

The weather is terrible and you have to conduct lengthy series of measurements outdoors. Then we recommend our lockable weather protection housing 163. This housing is equipped with an automatic winter heater and adequate ventilation for summer operation. Additionally, the housing can be fitted with meteorological sensors and with our data logger 1142.M5. When used for long-term measurements which are conducted only outdoors, please note our product line “Environmental Dust Monitor”!

Universal Power supply for the spectrometer
RS 232 cable with
USB adapter
Special RS 232 cable, (for our spectrometer only)
BWeather protection housing for the EDM 107
Weather protection housing for the EDM 107
Adapter for air velocity, temperature and humidity
Hard sided carrying case
External air supply
Isokinetic sampling pipe for 4 different air speed and return air adapter
Data Logger reader for PCMCIA cards

Hydrophobia sample collection filter
Memory card, available as 1 MB or 4 MB version
ZERO count filter adapter, brings only clean air to the instrument

LabView® Software 1.178

With the new software 1.178 GRIMM programmed an excellent, user-friendly application software based on LabView®, which is compatible to all 32-/64-bit Windows operating systems from XP and up. PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 values are displayed numerically or graphically. Additionally, values of external climatic sensors and service data can be displayed.

The display and output of measuring data takes place in real-time (every 6 seconds) and is therefore suitable not only for data recording and data evaluation, but also for data presentation.

Start spectrometer and data storage
PM values over time
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table