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Aerosol measurements in the TROPOSPHERE with Grimm’s 1129

The only aerosol spectrometer for high altitudes!

Sky-OPC, the pressure independent aerosol spectrometer 1129
11-S in safe Case


• 90° light scattering
• Particle concentration: 1 to 2.000.000 particles/litre
• Dust mass: 0.1 to 100.000 μg/m³
• Reproducibility: 5 % over the whole range
• Light source: Diode-Laser (λ= 655 nm, P = 40 mW)max
• Measuring range: 0.25 μm to 32 μm in 31 size channels
• Volume flow:1.2 litre/minute, with external pump volume controlled by critical orifice
• Sampling time: 6 sec (normal), 1, 2, 3 sec (fast mode)
• Data storage: intern 80 KByte, with storage card 6 MByte
• Storage interval: 1 min to 1h selectable (1 sec online)
• Interface: RS-232 Interface (USB or RS-232)
• Power supply: 12 VDC, external
• Temperature range: 0 to +40 °C (32 to 104 °F)
• Humidity range:relative humidity < 95 % (non condensing)
• Dimensions (LxWxH): Docking-Station 255 mm x 182 mm 72 mm
• Spectrometer 250 mm x 160 mm x 60 mm
• Complete: 255 mm x 182 mm 72 mm
• Weight: Docking-Station: 1.315 kg (2.90 lb)
• Spectrometer: 1.60 kg (3.54 lb)
• Complete: 2.915 kg (6.44 lb)
• Size channels:
0.25- 0.28- 0.3- 0.35- 0.4- 0.45- 0.5- 0.58- 0.65- 0.7- 0.8- 1- 1.3-1.6
2- 2.5- 3- 3.5- 4- 5- 6.5- 7.5- 8.5- 10- 12.5- 15- 17.5- 20- 25- 30- 32 μm

This pressure-independent aerosol spectrometer was especially developed for measurements in high altitudes and can be deployed per helium balloon or ultra-light airplanes and even up to jet airplanes. The heated sample head, especially adapted for the flying speed, and the integrated differential pressure sensor, combined with an external pump, provides full flexibility when measuring the size distribution of aerosol particles in the troposphere – regardless of the prevailing atmospheric pressure conditions. This is unique in the worldwide market, another one of Grimm’s high-tech devices.

The pressure-independent aerosol spectrometer 1129 detects every single airborne particle (single particle count) from 0.25 to 32 µm with highest precision in real-time, and classifies the particles in 31 different size channels. Every aerosol particle is detected by a laser inside the optical measuring cell. In order to guarantee the continuous precision of the measurement, and to protect the measuring cell from impurities, part of the constant 1.2 l/min sample volume flow is filtered as rinsing air and brought back into the measuring device.Two automatic flow controller – integrated in the device – ensure a pressure-independent and steady volume flow of sample air and rinsing air. The readiness for use of the models 1129 is checked at each start-up automatically.

Unique characteristics

• Fine dust measurement for mass or count distribution ranging from 0.25 - 32 µm (31 size channels)
• Continuous measurement in real-time starting at 6 seconds (1 second optionally possible) and up
• Independent of ambient pressure and of the atmospheric pressure
• Measurement at different flying speeds through special sampling
• Self-test for checking the readiness for use at each start-up
• Permanent rinsing air in order to keep the optical measurement cell clean is integrated
• Can be operated with 12 VDC, 24 VDC and up to 230 VAC
• The user-friendly and high-performance software 1178 – specially developed by Grimm – tops off the profile


• Measurements in high altitudes (mountains, etc.)
• Measurements at low air pressure (air layers of the troposphere)
• Measurements during flights
• Measurements of droplet aerosols (in clouds) possible
• Continuous measurements in industrial processes at varying air pressures


• 1142.A2 Data storage card 1 MB
• 1142.A4 Data storage card 4 MB
• 1141A Special GRIMM communication cable RS-232 to USB (with lager buffer)
• 1143E Special GRIMM communication cable RS-232 to RS-232
• 1144C PVC carrying case with rigid foamed plastic insert for Sky-OPC
• 1148 Minifilter for 0-Test
• 1152 Isokinetic sampling set for air speeds 2 - 25 m/sec (4 nozzles)
• 1155B External memory card reader with software
• 7951 Variable diluter "VKL-mini" as cascadable version for external air supply. Dilution ratios:1:10, 1:31.6 or 1:100, 1:316 and 1:1000
• 1153FH Sensor for temperature and rel. humidity, temperature range -25 to +55°C,cable length 1.5 m
• 1154 Sensor for temperature, rel. humidity and velocity, temperature range 0 to +80°C,cable length 3.0 m
• 1129P External membrane vacuum pump, 230 or 110 V, 50 Hz, 65 W, 6.0 l/min, 100 mbar
• 1129P1 External membrane vacuum pump, 230V/ 50 Hz or 115 V/ 60 Hz, 65 W, 6.0 l/min, 100 mbar
• 1129P2 External membrane vacuum pump, 24 VDC, max. 11.6 W, 8.0 l/min, 230 mbar
• 1129P3 External piston vacuum pump 12 VDC, 15.8 l/min, 39 W, -800 mbar max.

Universal Power supply for the spectrometer
ZERO count filter adapter, brings only clean air to the instrument
RS 232 cable with
USB adapter
Special RS 232 cable, (for our spectrometer only)
Hard sided carrying case
Adapter for air velocity, temperature and humidity
External membrane or piston vacuum pumps at diverse voltages available
ZERO count filter adapter, brings only clean air to the instrument
Memory card, available as 1 MB or 4 MB version

LabView® Software 1.178

With the new software 1.178 GRIMM programmed an excellent, user-friendly application software based on LabView®, which is compatible to all 32-/64-bit Windows operating systems from XP and up. PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 values are displayed numerically or graphically. Additionally, values of external climatic sensors and service data can be displayed.

The display and output of measuring data takes place in real-time (every 6 seconds) and is therefore suitable not only for data recording and data evaluation, but also for data presentation.

Start spectrometer and data storage
PM values over time
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table
PM values as table